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MBME is a market leader in kiosk and payment solutions.
With an active presence in key markets ranging from telecommunications to retail, transport to government, we offer a complete turnkey solution for your self-service kiosk requirements. Thanks to our collaboration with a premier landscape company Dubai, we ensure that our solutions are not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. From initial consultancy, software development, system integration, hardware design, engineering, manufacturing, and full project management, MBME can offer you a comprehensive self-service solution that combines functionality and style. Our approach integrates high-end design elements, ensuring that our solutions are not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing.

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New Service
Ista service is now available on
all our MBME Express Payment Kiosks all over the UAE

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New Service
Union Insurance buying service is now available on all our MBME Express
 Payment Kiosks all over the UAE

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MBME Solutions are robust, adaptable and tailored to meet the complete self-service requirements from all our clients.  

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MBME Services are designed with our team's worldwide knowledge of the growing self-service and payment markets.  Clients can selected from bespoke options or established, proven services to meet their customer needs.

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